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Wednesday, December 31, 2008


Before I start anything, I'd like to say,

Jolene's back! =D
It's only 22hours more to new year! Yea Yea!

And Jolene has already came out with new year resolutions! Jolene is 18 years old! So she tried her best to come out with 18 resolutions!

PSS: //Edited at 31st Dec, 10.10am// I edited some resolutios!

1. Try to go out with whoever and whatever before year 2008 ends! LOL! [Don't know is it considered as a new year resolution or a pre-new-year-resolution.]
So ima go school [can spend time with classmates yo!]
Try to find paper xiuzhen & the rest [her bday! :D]
Go find my parents after that[gonna change my plan! whoots whoots! unlimited SMS coming your way! And perhaps change a phone! I wanted to ask about iPhone but mario say he in the toilet till now never call back so I give up! Rwars! Any iPhone experts? Got few queries yo! But most prob even if changing I'd let my bro change first la! =\]
Go to Holqa outing! [HOPEFULLY! I MISSED A LOT LE! (Well, only 2)]

Which just miss out on ONE thing!
MY SEC SCHOOL FRIENDS! You all dam blardy busy la! =( I next day submission still don't mind meeting you all!!! But but but you alllllll!! NO SCHOOL STILL SO BUSY! Meet your JC friends on weekdays la!!! Roars!!!!!

That's quite long for my first new year resolution!

2. Forget all grudges! Heh! You might think it's not possible! But it is k! =) With Jolene! It's possible! HAHA! I realised that I'm being too people-influencially. Can't help it when the whole world's bitching to me about the same thing! Heh. Kinda cannot be helped! Buttt nowww, I believe I can do it! =D It's a new year! So forget everything k! =)) Whatever has happened, it's the past!

3. Live with my motto that I have long forgotten! It's time to bring that out again! Act Blur, Live Longer! =)

4. Live with another motto! Life's a bitch! So just smile at whatever happens to you! It'll make yourself feel so much better! =D

5. Yes is the new no! Even no matter how hard things are, you have to GAMBATTEE JOLENE! =) Never give up!

6. STOP YOUR STUPID WHININGS! LOL! Actually I find myself quite irritating also! But it's a habit! Roars!

7. Try to start dressing up instead of FBTs? I don't know! LOL! But I will lose my identity of FBT girl! LOL!! =X If so, means more shopping! Roars!

8. It's about time I settle down! Old le! =X [Erm! Not settle down as in married! LOL!]

9. Not to be tooo people-influenced also!

10. Spend more time with people! Especially my family! Roars!

11. Study hard! [It's always a new year resolution that we always failed to do! HAHA!]

12. Be more organised! Even though some people already say I too dam organised! But I want to be more organised! Not enough! LOL!

/Short break :Why the hell did I even put 18 resolutions! LOL! So I'm going to anyhow whack!/

13. Pass Driving! Hell yea!

14. Learn more things that I don't already know!

15. Make sure IITSC grow up to be more successful!

16. Start to walk more straight and less hunchback! It's ugly! T_T

17. Be good in designings! And continue to draw my comic!

18. Get a new portable gaming console of my own! Be it DS or PSP or iPhone [the games in iPhone quite fun k] or whatever!

Whoots! I know it's crap! But aiyaaa! For the sake of doing it! Everyone's doing it! So do I! HAHA! It's called follow the crowd yo! =)

Love you all.

Be sure to receive my new year sms! Cause I'm gonna spam ya all cause I should have unlimited sms by then! :D

//I started typing my post at 2.32am. I ended at 3.41am. So long! LOL!
//Btw, I still haven gotten back the call.

Goodbye 2008!
Hello 2009!

pieces of me @ 3:41 AM.
Monday, December 29, 2008

A super very ever so random picture with words that don't even link with the picture! LOL!

Yup! One thing I've learned in life! Don't compare! It'll just make you miserable! LOL! Life sucks! But not only your life sucks you know! Instead of keep thinking of those who are better of, be thankful with those who are worst off! =P

Oh ya! Another thing! LOOK AT ALL THE TABS! I'm like doing my proj and so many tabs! out of all of them, 4 is Microsoft and 2 are Adobe! See what ITPM makes you into! A multi-micro-adober! LOL! =D

Now you all know what I've always been doing behind my comp! =P

Anyway! Jia you!
You can do it de! Project only ma! =P

Randoms, I know!

pieces of me @ 1:24 AM.
Sunday, December 28, 2008


Last day of holidays!
But but but!! Still have to chiong ITPM!
But aiya! I don't mind!

This week, tho I din't go to a lot of places,
I still really enjoyed it la!
Even if I din't really show that I'm happy!
I really was! =D


PS: My menses is gonna stop! HAHA!

Is good to not be forgotten!
Thank you

pieces of me @ 9:59 AM.
Wednesday, December 24, 2008


I know I've MIAed for quite long!

Just got back from a camp!
And now, I'm still sick!

Imagine on a christmas week! =((
Heh! And I did the unpredictable stuffs! HAHA!

I wonder..
Is it all worth it?

pieces of me @ 3:22 AM.

Hi there all subcoms!

As you all know, there is the "Team Temasek" shirts right?
How would you like to own them?

Well, this is opened in privelledge [omg dont know how to spell] to all IITSC Subcoms!
There is only 350 in stock!

So to those that wants it, please bring along $5 and order it during the subcommittee meeting.
Please pay on order.
No money = No shirt.

We'll only be ordering for subcom meeting!
So if you really want it, please come! =)

[PS: If you're not coming, you can try to fight for the first come first serve outside library somewhere near Jan]

pieces of me @ 2:49 AM.
Thursday, December 18, 2008


I'm in Holqa! LOL!

Tho seperated from all my closest friends,
but still, it would be able to force me to get to know more ppl yo?

Tho not bad that we all got 1st for now.
Can't say the same for the nxt 2 days,
cause a lot of empires gonna chiong. X_X

I know I still love Ophix.
And I stil miss venos.
We sat there together as ONE Venos from all empires after everything today!
The feeling was soo good! =)


pieces of me @ 11:59 PM.
Tuesday, December 16, 2008


Actually, this is the first ever holiday that I feel extremely happy! The rest were neutrel to a bit happy! This time, I'm feeling SO SUPER HAPPY! HAHAHAH!!

Eat sleep eat sleep!
I slept a whole lot! Recharging my energy as we speak!
I don't do afternoon naps cause normally I'd feel too "hyper" to do so.
But all the readings have made my brain tired! So I was able to sleep, wake up and read somemore!

Was reading this happysad comic! Like a whole archieve of them since year 2006 to current! LOL! That comic was so no link and so retarded! Couldn't stop!

And for today, I spam Naruto manga like nobody's business! The last of Naruto that I've saw was like some epi 300+ or something! Now? I'm already at 374! LOL!

Oh yea, for those who wants to read naruto. Go here!

Whoots! What else what else?
OH! Tml I'm going out with my parents! Celebrate my dad and mom's bday combined! So we're going to a even more expensive place to eat! It's called "Melt the World Cafe"! It cost like $88++ per person! But we got citybank! So its buy 3 get 1 free!

Looking forward!
Oh ulcer please go away!
Pwetty pleaseeee!!!

Hmmm, pictorial post after I spam finish my Naruto manga!
Oh don't worry! It's just 54 more post to go!

A super good holiday!
As we speak, my saw is sharpening


pieces of me @ 10:07 PM.

Okay, was watching some documentary on TV just now.

And I saw this half man half tree shit!
WTH! Such people actually exist!
I pity them! They got infacted by some shit virus! ARgh!

Well, if you wanna see the picture, just click to enlarge.
I swear! I aint joking.
It's dam gross.

Don't say I din't warn ya!
Anyway, to find out more, type in google "Half man half tree".
Yea, you'll find everything you need there.
There's even videos in youtube la! Sooo yea.

In that documentary, there was also bubble man and etc etc.
Can't seem to find them buttttt, when I saw the whole documentary, it really felt like gonna vomit! The halfman half tree was the least worst one I swear!

Food for thought tho..
So means if he go under sunlight he can generate food?
But then again, no chlorophyll also! LOL!

Half man half tree
Be thankful! Really thankful

pieces of me @ 12:05 AM.
Sunday, December 14, 2008

. If you married the last person who texted you, what would your last name be?
→ Choy [ee. i dowanna be sai. anyway what kinda of question is this? lol]
2. Who was the last person you sent a comment/message?
→ Mario
3. Are you taller than 5'3"?
→ Yea
4. What was the last thing you ate?
→ Nasi Lekma
5. What color is your bedspread?
→ Blue!
6. Are you someone's best friend?
→ Yes!
7. Who was the last person's house you went to besides your own?
→ Erms. Mario? With other ppl of course.
8. Is there something you could've done to make your last relationship work?
→ Hmms, well...
9. Do you like someone right now?
→ Maybe? :D
10. Do you have any bruises?
→ A stomach that needs repair. LOL
11. How long does it take you to get ready to go out?
→ Depends on my mood! =D
12. Have you been outside today?
→ Nope!
13. Last person you hugged?
→ BF shar! [guess what does BF stand for]
14. What should you be doing right now?
→ Packing my room!
15. Does the last person you held hands with, mean a lot to you?
→ Yea....
16. Could you go a day without eating?
→ OF COURSE! I got no ear holes! Ear infected! Din't went to pierce againa after.
17. Who was the last person in your bedroom?
→ My mom.
18. Were you happy when you woke up today?
19. Are you missing someone?
→ Kinda.
20. What is your background music?
→ A little happy. A little heartwarming.
21. Do you think you will be in a relationship 3 months from now?
→ Well... I dont know?
22. Do you need to say anything to anyone right now?
→ Maybe is cause I've said too much in the past. That's why we're the way we are now.
23. Are you ticklish?
→ YES! Omg! Esp my soft spot! X_X
24. Are you typically a jealous person?
→ Well, depends! HAHA! Usually no. LOL!
25. What will you do after the survey?
→ Nua in my bed longer! LOL!
26. Do you talk about your feelings or hide them?
→ Depends on what kinds of feeling. If it's the happy kind, I'll tell the whole world! If it's the emo kind, I tend to be selective.
27. First thing you do in the morning?
→ Check my HP.
28. What's on your bedroom floor right now?
→ a lot of things! That's why I needa pack my room xD
29. Was your last kiss a mistake?
→ Nope x)
30. Ever talked to someone that was drunk?
→ Lots of times.
31. Did you have a dream last night?
→ YES! I dreamt that I got hair disease! LOL! Cause 2 person in a row told me my hair like balding ytd! Mario and Ben Yap la!
32. Where were you at 3:02 AM this morning?
→ Home sleeping!
33. Do you trust people easily?
→ Yup! Every one deserves trust! Unless you betray it. But still, I'll learn to trust them again!
34. Are you easily scared by horror movies?
→ Totally!
35. Have you ever been in a difficult relationship?
→ Hmmms. Yea.
36. Have you ever punched a tree?
→ Nope.
37. What were you doing at 9 this morning?
→ Just woke up!
38. Do you like to argue?
→ I try to avoid argue if possible! Is negotiating considered as arguing? :D
39. Have you ever felt replaced?
→ Yea. Lots of times.
40. How's life?
→ Life is how you want it to be. For me, it's simple! From a show I watched since young "Don't worry! Be happy!"


pieces of me @ 4:24 PM.

This line was the most memoriable line WeiChoy said to me.

"Time to take time off to sharpen my saw again"
[Something liddat]

I guess it's true! So these 2 weeks, I'll try to regain back what I was actually. It's not easy and I won't fully regain.

But I agree to you the cheerful me again! =)

Everything I do, do it with a big smile on my face! =D

Nothing's gonna hit me down already!

Anyway, rmb that time I got a post about xmas tree decoing? VOTE for my christmas tree okay! =) 5cents only! Esp those with unlimited sms help me vote! =X The tree is done by dawn marcus mario and me!

Vote for it okay!

just type:
Tree *space* 7 *space* *your name* *space* *your i/c*
and send it to the number: 97812929
p.s: you may win a shopping voucher. LOL!

To sharpen my saw
But what to sharpen my saw?

pieces of me @ 11:39 AM.


I really wanna thank all clubs that came down to support.
Adventure Club
Applied Science Studies Club
Business Studies Club
Community Service Club
Engine Studies Club
Humanities and Social Science Studies Club
Informatics and IT Studies Club
Sports Club
Temasek Polytechnic Student Union

And of course to the subcoms that they gave.
Adventure Club- Yingen
Applied Science Studies Club- SokTeng, JingTing
Business Studies Club- Baoyi, WeiLun
Community Service Club- Jeremy, Roy
Engine Studies Club- Angeline, Saufi
Humanities and Social Science Studies Club- Priscilla, Komathi
Sports Club- Saphirra, Sherlyn
Temasek Polytechnic Student Union- Kai

I hope to the subcom you all learnt something new from this camp! =)

And not to mention my IITSC Subcom.

TS, KokPeng
For really helping out with the program side. Thankfully they were there. They were just so reliable that I could just fang xin with them there. Thanks for organising everything for me. I know you guys been through hell in this event with me. But really thanks! If not for you, the event could not have run as well. Cause I was cui also!

For being a nurse for me. At least there was someone to turn to for the Nurse side and for conveying the messages.

Danny Sky Ivan
For doing all the super sai kang things! Really! Without you sai kang kias, nothing could have been done as efficiently. Ivan for driving to collect bfast. Sky and Ivan for buying last min food item. Danny for just being there for everything else!

For being the photographer for our p10 camp! =)

And of course, to LONG and XIANG
Thanks for coming back after your POP to help me. You know what I realise? That time you help me was TBC which was just few days before you went into army. Now is just few days after you POP! haha! I'm so glad you guys came back to help! Thanks xiang! You were sick but still came back. Thanks long! And sorry! Wasn't able to "entertain" you while you came back. Still went back to sleep. I think the 2 of you is like my guardian angel sent from God. Fated to help me whenever I need help. Since year 1 till now you all really look after me! =) Really glad that all of you are still here.

My two organiser Ben and Ahmad
Tho for Ben you weren't there at the start, at least you called and make sure everything was okay. You helped for the day before and such.
Ahmad, tho you weren't there for most of the time, but at least at the camp, you made your way down even tho you were sick.

For really advicing me and asking me to calm down and such. For helping me get a lot of things. Esp the key from Cindy. I know I tend to be over tensed up! But thanks!

For helping me with all the things! He stepped out, and help me see things from another perspective. Helped me when I was dam cui. Really glad he was there! One more person is always better.

For constantly calling me and helping me. Whenever I needed advice, he's always there. For helping me with the bfast and walkie. And for taking time off from p.night whenever you can to help me.

To the rest of the maincom
Thanks for just asking what can they do to help. Thanks for helping me pack up the rooms after that! Every little effort was appreciated!

Special thanks to a certain Mazilocono Shitty Sweating Sheep, now aka Muffin but you're still a stupid shitty sweating sheep to me.
For helping me as soon as you know I cuied. When I just smsed you a "T.T" you called me as soon as you saw. [i think] For listening to me. For gathering ppl back for me so last minute. For helping me planned the entire thing. For wasting your sleep just to help me think of plans and activities and to edit the wulinmiji till wee hours. For meeting me just to plan for the p.night. For taking time off from your SIP just to do this thing. During the event for constantly coming to help me whenever there is the time that you don't have to be with the empire. For helping me print wulinmiji. For helpin me to get the key from Josh. For just wasting your time on something that is not your problem.

Maybe there's ought to be more that I should thank.
But all in all, thanks for all the help! =)

Tho I din't get to eat much or sleep much;
I'd like to thank all those who were so caring!
Kept asking me to eat and drink! I'm sorry if I din't really eat much.
But thanks for cooking for me! Thanks for bringing me food and drinks!
Thanks for force feeding me. LOL!
I think I'll lose weight after that! I feel as tho I ran 10click! LOL!
My whole body's nua but..

Perfect Night
The first ever

People always say "I can't live without you"
& I'll always say, "Have you not been living without that person before you met them?"
But suddenly, I fell to my knees as I understand what they really meant.

pieces of me @ 11:04 AM.
Friday, December 12, 2008

Thanks weichoy for the advice.

The rest, I'll thank officially after the whole dam thing.

pieces of me @ 10:43 AM.

It really feels as tho nobody understand the sterss i'm going through...

Everyone says as tho, its so easy. As though it's nothing big.
Try putting yourself in my shoe before you tell me can?

MY head dam blardy pain.

I hope everything is over soon please.
Whatever high expectations you have of the camp.
If you really have that high an expectation, den don't come

Im seriously going to faint after everything.
Even my body movements seems doublely hard to even lift my arm.

Take it as I'm weak.
But if you don't know me.
Don't comment.

Everytime I wish that something could just happen to me
Then I can just get into an accident and forget about everything

pieces of me @ 12:50 AM.
Thursday, December 11, 2008

I seriously need sleep!

I used to have this special "power" of not having any eye bags despite how many hours of sleepless nights.

Suddenly my eye bags are coming out! It either means my powers are gone or that I really seriously don't have enough sleep.


So much to do
So lil time

pieces of me @ 9:02 AM.
Wednesday, December 10, 2008

I seriously need a hug! =(

Is someone willing to sell me hugs for 5cents?

I feel so down! =(

pieces of me @ 10:47 PM.


At least I'm not suffering alone
Thanks to some people! =)

pieces of me @ 10:08 PM.

I've marked my milestone for today!

So far, 4 clubs paid me out of 9! YAY! Tho the 4 doesnt include my own
And and!! Food is settled! For both bfast and dinner and supper! Another YAY!!
Locations are settled! YAY!
Rooms are booked! YAY!

Now left with collection of 5 other club's money.
Settling and finalising of program + man power!
Whoot whoot! =)

Oh btw, I spent like 2hours of my talk time today! Argh! And like 100msges! Just to sms/call ppl from BBQ/Subcom/Maincom and KAT LOL! You took 20mins! =X

My bill's gonna explode shitloads!

As for my studies? BUANG totally! Arghs!
Why do I have a bad feeling of failing SA paper even tho its relatively easy? =\

SA's da killer paper! More than 50% failure from last year's IMBA batch!
And I'm nowhere near half done!


And it's a wonder how you're always there to assit me

pieces of me @ 5:49 PM.


I've added the old playlist of songs inside this blog as well!
Cause I know some of you like the songs.
So if you don't wanna play the xmas songs, just click on the other "Play button" in the other imeem.


pieces of me @ 11:34 AM.

Oh btw,

Things are going a little better for me!
Cause, ITPM Com Session has been POSTPONED!
HA! Now a very very super big load of my stess is relieved.

Now what's left for me to worry is to stuff 6 whole chapters of FIM into my puny brain! =P

Btw so retarded. This paper that I'm studying right now.
For my course, year 2 takes it.
For A&F, year 3 takes it.
So weird? Imagine they year 3 then take. We year 2!
Means we study the things harder?
I don't know!

Santa can you hear me?
I have been so good this year

pieces of me @ 10:33 AM.

People around me might know what shit I'm suffering through.
I'm sorry to drag some of you down.
But I promise you, even how down I am, I won't let you down.

I'll take in all these shit.
Take in all these stress.
Store it it me.
And at the end of the day....

It'll be a rainbow I'll be giving you.

I won't let my effort go to a waste.
I won't let the efforts of people around me to go to a waste.

Trust in me k.
Trust in Jolene!

No matter how down things goes,
There's always a way to bring it back up!
No matter how dark the clouds are,
There'll always be a silving lining
No matter how rainy or stormy the weathers are.
It'll always be sunshine after the rains. Rainbow to greet us with its vibrant colours.

I can do it de!
Aja Aja! =)

The things that keeps me going
Isn't myself.
It's the people around me

pieces of me @ 10:12 AM.
Monday, December 08, 2008

I feel so happy as christmas is approaching!

Tho I don't really have got any plans on.
Tho there's nothing much to look forward to this year.

But yeah! Happy that it's approaching still.

On the side note.
Finally just finish READING Topic 2 of SA! LOL!
Still have to read one more round plus memorise! I think..
My study rest time for SA is to do perf night! So sad! LOL!

Its a season of love and joy
Can you feel it? ^_^

pieces of me @ 5:45 PM.

GUESS WHAT! I slept at like 4.40am ytd!
And guess what time I woke up? 10am! LOL! Auto de!
5hours only yo! =X

I got a random msg from the president of CSC!
So heartwarming can!

"It's not easy to plan a camp especially when the rest is round the corner, i experienced this before.. No worries, must jia you. Hang on after this camp you'll be stronger"

LOL! It's like I only spoke to him the 2nd time now? Both time was only about perfect night! And after he put down the phone, he smsed me this suddenly! HAHA!

Support from other clubs! (=

I think I should be thankful!
Not only the support from my own club, but from others!

pieces of me @ 2:55 PM.

I'm quite shock that I'm still awake at this timing!
So caught up on doing stuffs doing stuffs that I dint realise it was 4.29am already!

Pitff! When doing proj feel so sleepy! When doing other things feel so awake! LOL!
Anyway, 52 pages more to study for SA! And that's it! Whoots! (=

wonder wonder wonder!

I super loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee something I did today! HAHA!
Super retarded but yea!

Guess I better go scan me comp! It feels laggier and laggier!

Sense of satisfaction yo!
Never before, this much

pieces of me @ 4:29 AM.

23rd November 2008- XMAS Tree Deco!

Woke up that day and first thing discuss on the Xmas tree deco-ing with sheep! LOL! Dam retarded! We came out with ideas like spraying and for halloween part and all. etc etc.

After that, left for xmas tree thingy [YES. LATE] but Marc left later and he called me so I met him at tamp mrt. Look at the mini carnival ther! So fun!

So we were MRTing on the way and contacting sheep and dawn on the way. Like they tell us what they want etc!

So after that, went to dhouby gaud to get the spray pains and newspaper! LOL! So funny! It was like amazing race that kind! Me and marc chiong all de way! Run ard spotlight just to look for items.

So we finally reached! First thing we reached, Marcus and sheep took the tree outside and spray! LOL! With only 20-30mins left to deco!

Dawn darling with our xmas tree deco all placed nicely! Plus Mel and Andy!

Before anything, i'll first clarify. This is a tree decorating competition! And our tree theme is before and after xmas! So we planned to "break" the tree into 3 parts! With before as halloween, during as xmas, and after as chinese new year! So if you look on the floor, the ornaments are in 3 diff tones. One is red, for newyear, one is brown for halloween and one is gold and silver for xmas!

So after that came back, we rushed through our tree! Considering it was only 10-20mins worth of time, WE DID THIS! [Pss: Other groups had like 1hour plus to deco!] Can you see the sprayed paint part?

Another side! :D

3rd angle! =D

Dancing partner's group!

The decorators! L to R
DAWN darling! ME! Marcus! Mario sheep! Angle 1!

Angle 2!

Angle 3!

Angle 4!

Angle 5!


Dawn Darling!

ME with Marioz!

Dawn with MArc!

Focused area of the tree next!

The top side! Xmas side!

The new year side!

The halloween side!

Combination of 3!

Whole tree!

Btw, I super love the next pic! So nice! The lights and all! HAHA!
[PS: Can you spot the lollipop? Last min idea from me cause i was thinking "Since halloween den got sweats! Like tricker-treating!]

After that went to have some dinner with my team plus andy ahmad mel sky.

Ahmad's dessert dam cute! So xmasy!

And I act cute-ed on sky's dessert! LOL! I went to put the xmas thingy on his dessert! =X


Andy and Mel left so the rest of us headed over to mario/sheep's house for mahjong and movie and whatever session! =D

HEH! My nicest card i think? I zi-muo-ed on this round!

I won $12 that day! The highest so far I've won! LOL! So miracle eh! BWahha!

Bussed home!

So fun that day!
Oh I miss our tree so much! )x

pieces of me @ 4:29 AM.

An imperfect perfectionist;
Adores the rain;
Loves the hugs;
Craves for happiness;
With a handful of love;

Video: KurtSchneider - Replay [ft. Sam Tsui]


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