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Thursday, January 31, 2008

ROAR! Today would be the fierciest day of my whole life in poly.
Why? Cause I have to accomplish a lot of things today!

1) Finish CORE tutorial.
2) Study QUAN lab test.
3) Study CORE quiz.
4) Do at least 50% of CORE report.
5) Do at least 20% of BFA.
6) Figure out sub queries.

Tonight would be a sleepless night!

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Monday, January 28, 2008

SHIT i cant sleep!! Just cause when I was sleeping already someONE called me at 1+am in the midnight to ask me to lend her school uniform tml cause she's having roleplay. And I have to meet her at 8am+.

Thanks lah! =\ Now I cannot sleep and ALL I NEED IS SLEEP! ROAR!!
Jolene feels moody without her sleep! Do you know how irritated it feels NOT to sleep when you want to?

Random thought:
Sometimes I think some people always think that they are in the worst senarios when they aren't. They tend to "Omg! Your group so good! Mine is like !@#$%" Like that time when we got into our OH group. We all kept complaining about our groupings. Even me. When actually I think my group isnt the worst afterall. It's about how you react to situations. Not how to react about the situations.

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Random post.

People say my class is lousy at "producing" couples.
It isn't true okay! They just look at those who are FBIs with FBIs.
My class is unique! They go for people beyond our class!

Though out of 22 people, only few are attached. But it's definately getting more and more. =D

Everyone around me is getting attached =).
I feel happy for them somehow.

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Sunday, January 27, 2008

I went ChinaTown today! On the way back I was telling my mom that I had to get a full set of formal wear, including blazer by 14th Feb by which we would have a presentation. And yes, we all now what 14Feb is.

Imagine stayin in school till 6pm+, having a presentation to go through and not having any time to celebrate. It din't dawn on me till I really thought about it. I was going to spend it alone anyway. Well, for now that is. Even if I was going to spend it with someone, the presentation itself is already a mood killer.

Okay, so here's the question. What would you consider a date to be? Going out with...
1) Someone you love.
2) A person of the opposite sex.
3) Your other half? [BF/GF]
4) nobody. Cause you dont do dates.
Poll is at the side bar. Take a look at it!

Ohh bummer..
whyy does it have to crash =(

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9th December 2007- Studing At Macs, A different view.

WOOHOO! So that day was SPRING cleaning! :D And when they said it means cleaning EVERYTHING, they really meant it.

Was on the way to bedok's Mac that day. On the way there I saw LION DANCE! It was only DECEMBER! Xmas haven even passed and they're celebrating CNY! Dam fas!

Anyway, I saw these 2 weird people in Macs. The whole grp of us were like staring at them please!

So 1+1 weid people = 1 perfect couple :D

People who went for the last min studes: JehBu+Gong, Desmond, Ben, Melvin, Mervin, Eunice, Zen's friend. Desmod left early and after that it was ALL MWC with ONE FBI. LOL! Felt so weird can!!

Anyway, anything they said about MWC not hardworking, dont studies is all bullshits! They do study okay!!!!! Yay! In fact, I feel that they are more hardworking than me!!

The next day was OOPG and I was like not concentrating! Furthermore the next day was MingShen's bday and I rushed out a last minute paper man fo him! That paper man took me 1/2 to draw okay!!!

Not the normal perspective of people you would see

pieces of me @ 2:01 PM.

Okay! Time to continue blogging fom where I last left!!! :D Sounds dam long ago right. But its only December.

8th December07- Celebrate Dad's Bday

Went to eat with my parents at a hotel [forgot the name].

It was alacart buffet. Look at all the gorgeous food :P It was really really nice la!! :D

I saw the painting inside the toilet! Nicely drawn. You could even see the petal as though its 3D.

This post is short enough right? :D

pieces of me @ 2:24 AM.

ROAR! Unproductive day toady. =( Feels so guilty for not going Kat's event! I should have went and slept at my grandma's house today. Now, THAT is productive xP.
Oh btw, I got my 1st 2 angBaos of the year O.O

Okay. Random doodle for the day.
ONLY for denver. LOL!
My BF! My BIRDfriend.

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Saturday, January 26, 2008

Random short post today.

1. I've won Digi Friendship! :D www.mybestintp.blogspot.com

Ms Marlina: I can feel "My Best in TP” in this photo. The collaboration with all schools is definitely something to cherish.

Mr Rick Toh: It is amazing to see friendship stretched to all the schools. ONE BOND indeed.

Super happy indeed! My favourite picture since I've taken it that day. =)

2. Random doodles.

2.1. Paper Plane
I got this inspiration from a shirt that I had.
Oh won't you catch my paper plane? =) It has love overflowing of it.

2.2. Secret Message
Take a close look at the next one! Doesnt look very visible right! It's actually IITSC. HA! Okay art officially failed! But I'm dam proud of it!

I figured out it looked quite plain so i TRIED to decorate it but it failed i guess! =S Shall continue another day.

2.3. Colourful, yet complicated.
Third was an doodle to express today's event! Initially I was just playing with paint.

But I just had to write words on it!

Tried to put in DP as MSN but too small so enlarged font.

Complexified the "Complicated" to enfersize its meaning. =D

Very CMSK format right? I know! =D

3. Sleep!
I swear I'm so darn tired. So tired that I even slept while bathing!!!!

Today's activity was jam packed. After one immediately, another person called! It was THAT accurate! I almost couldnt eat my lunch! But I ponned the dry run for linux day for my health and stomach.

Just imagine, the previous day, slept at 3+ to 4pm. Woke up at 7am.
9-11am, BFA tutorial.
11-1pm, Straight after tut, received a call from vale to go for JAE helpout.
1-2pm, Initially Linux day DryRun, but went for lunch instead.
2-2.30pm, Had a talk about JAE + FBI.
2.30-4pm, Received a call immediately after talk for project.
4-4.15pm, Went to acc weiyang to audi for JAE stuff.
4.15 onwards, Went with class to parkway.

SOOOOO tired right!! I'm sleeping everywhere I go now! =( My eye turned red whereever I went!!
Hair, dry faster please!!

4. Formal with blazers.
I realised people with blazers are very gorgeous. Especially Benny! Seeing the way he dress everyday with his formal& blazers is a different him! I used to NOT talk to him, don't even feel like talking to him! Some 4pointer nuts!! But he looked nice in formal! In addition, he has the "smart" charisma, with poise, elegance and a drop of gentlemanness which makes it all complete.

G_n__e__n's is my weak point!
Blow me off!

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Thursday, January 24, 2008

Hey everyone! Have you checked out http://mybestintp.blogspot.com/?
Go see it now!! :D

Actually I was rather shock that there was still people voting when I dint ask them to. Touchedddddd!!! n_n

Anyway, do give a vote okay! It doesn't matter if you don't vote for me!!
But if you wanna vote for me, im #3!!

Shall be back to do my work!

pieces of me @ 9:21 AM.

at our lowest, we were there for each other.
at our weakest, we were there for each other.
we know how each other feel, with different senarios, but same thinking.
we know the exact defination for "console".
we're each other almost 1st degree friends.

Not the "its expected" kinda console. Nope, I dont feel consoled at all.
Not the "it's nothing lah!" kinda thinking. Nope, I dont feel that i understand you at all.
Not the "just give up la" kinda comment. Nope, I dont feel that I shouldn't share my stuffs with you any further.

Don't make it sound as though it's so simple. Yes, we know it's simple. But all we want is you to listen and know how we feel. Not give us all your solutions and guides to life. Before you tell us of the solutions, we already know! Just listen and it'll be more than enough already. Maybe with a pat on the head or two would be nice. A shoulder to lean on even for a min perhaps?

I seriously feel that not everyone understands each other well.
But thankfully, in life, I've found many great friends.
Especially some, who seems to be there everytime im down.

Thanks Pal.
I knew I could count on you.

Not an emo post here btw

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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

today was a success!

tired tired tired tired tired!!!!
Finally cleared all projects submission this week!
But doesnt mean i've cleared for the next!
Anyway, gonna have some early snooze today.
See you everyone! =D

its gotta be deep deep. down down!
happy bday Jenny and Maryam!

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Sunday, January 20, 2008

ROAR! Been terribly busy for the past few days! :(
Re-doing my CMSK now and I have to say I'm quite contented to my current report. Though it's done over a few days, slowly, but I think it's much better!
Wanna do finish by today! A nice good one so I can concentrade on tml's event care-freely! =D

Hmmm! I think God put Grace Yap there for me to have a reason to work hard for!
I wanna prove to her or any other tutors wrong that joining IITSC will affect your studies!
In that case, the more I should gambatte for my reports, projects and upcoming exams!

No more the D student you used to know!
Moving on to the A student that you will soon to know! =)

& it goes dum dum dum

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Thursday, January 17, 2008

So happy! It's like one project DOWN! *stikes off list*
Anyway, had Venos dinner ytd! 1st thing I came online was SOMEONE showing me a dam retarded underwear!

Okay so you can click to enlarge! But figuring out how lazy you people are! I shall just write everything he said lah.

NICC -becameproductive- HIGH4 ROCKS SOCKS woo says:
i was looking thru yahoo actions for bag just looking
then got this MALe UNDERWEAR
its like $1 ONLY!!!!
and the devil face!!
super disgusting!
then i see le
i thought of showing u!
so i open e page till now
so nice right

Okay lah! Quite nice for you to think of me in a weird way but omg! You all know what he showed me?

How can people post such disgusting thing online lah! It's only $1 summore! HAHA! and NO bids! tsk!

LOL! anyway, gonna go update photos to my comp soon! den blog about open hosue! rahhh!

Going all out with full force! CHARGEE!

pieces of me @ 1:02 AM.
Sunday, January 13, 2008

Omg! Open HOUSE ROCKED full strength!!
LOVE it to the max!!

After Open House I realised I have a couple of dance partners before for mass dance!! and I want to remember them all!! =D

During FO, mass dance- 1st partner [unknown. but his reflex very slow!!].
During FO, after jam and hop- james
During Week0- forget name, but rmb face.
During lantern festival- YuanLong
During TBC, mass dance- WeiLin
During TBC, after perf night- Jason
During OTC, mass dance- desmond.
During OTC, mass dance2- Food com person. His body dam jelly!
During OH training- Zen
During OH 2nd day, mass dance at concourse- JunWei
During OH 2nd day, mass dance at plaza- MeiWei
During OH 3rd day, mass dance at OH- Cheong Keng Mun
During OH 3rd day, mass dance at concourse1- Eddie
During OH 3rd day, mass dance at concourse2- Zhen Xiang!
During OH 3rd day, after Jam&Hop- Christine

Actually still got! But this is as much as i remember for my 07/08! =D
The next mass dance I would be dancing should be for OLTC! Look forward to it!

pieces of me @ 6:15 PM.
Friday, January 11, 2008

10TH JAN 2007
HOKAY~ So I managed to pass this day in one piece :D YAY CORE presentation 2 is over! Sorry if I pulled you down Alvin! =( And wow! Quite shock with my CORE marks! Better than expected! haha! JOLENE! You broke your curse! And it's cause you studied! =D So proud of myself! From 3Ds become 3As~ hahaha!!

BTW, i saw this LONDON TAXI in TP today! HAHA!

So today was really spent dam busily! Came school early to meet CKM to collect our shirts but he was held up in lesson so I went to FBI to give support to our booth! =D The game is not bad lah! Quite fun =D Haven played finish and CKM came to find me le.

Collected the shirt, walked CKM to his floor, met yilin to photocopy BFA notes for 3people, talked to desmond and dave at info booth, met up with c183 guys and left for Quan!

I was doing CORE script during QUAN! Dam last min!! x( After that, I headed over to biz park for lunch! At IIT entrance was ALL the IITguides! And they went crazy seeing me lah! Sing welcome song for me all those! LOVE those crazy bunch of baloonies.

CORE WAS NEXT! And our group was 2nd to present! I think we're quite heng! The teacher only asked 2 question! bwahaha!!

A talk about BGR and seminal briefing was next! It ended at 8 lah. Den I felt super guilty cause CKM called me at 7.39 and I told him I'll be out soon and he waited ALONE for so long lah! TRAGIC! And I got the most calls during that time! Eugene, Desmond, Zen~ omg! So many!! All just to ask me if i wanted to have dinner with them! SUPER TOUCHED!

Anyway, the meetup of initially only me ckm and JY, became more and more! A lot VENOS, OPHIX, TPSU, IGUIDES, EGUIDES, ALL GUIDES all joined us lah! Our circle became quite big suddenly! Dam retardedly funny!

So YAHH! Random pictures!

Venos + 1.

Btw, those people behind the greenish colour shirt, was also part of us LOL!


CK act drunk! haha! fail!

Random sit outside busstop.

Felt so guilty dint join iit to eat dinner =( After dinner CKM like trying to share with me the IIT cheer but its like cui diao! A lot CJK den become i never really learn the cheer! HAHA!

So that concludes my busy day! SUPER WORDY I KNOW! Dam long since I've posted a long post!!! =D

Anyway, random pictures of 7th and 8th of Jan! No pictures on 9th Jan cause too sick to take =X.

Pictures on 7th Jan
Can see my "JOL" name? =D

Vale and Ailan~

And the backview of my class guys. Just random cause they sat in front of me during lect~

And this picture is pricesless can! Not only that! The day after I took it, he practically SHAVED his head!! LOL!

Pictures on 8th Jan
The dustbin is full of my mucus from my runny nose and 2/3 of toilet paper roll! And I can only eat porriage!! T.T

CMSK lesson. The leson where we all talk and have fun :X

And YAY!! Preparations for Open House! Aint it lovely =D

Me and Xinni's buffet! LOL!

And my faithful medicine for the past few days! Its 5 in 1! Very effective! And it's non drowse! Recommended =D It helps!!!

Enjoyed the times.

pieces of me @ 2:53 AM.
Thursday, January 10, 2008

Sick Sick!! But at least I survived today!!
Tml would be the most tiring day of my life lah!
Actually its nothing, but to a sick person, its life threatening!

Got to meet up at 10.30 for Open House tml!!
And after that, its a decision on weather to go for Open House or for QUAN!
CORE PRESENTATION is next!!! All the way till 6
Whereby at 6, we'll be holding our compulsory talk for FBI.
After that compulsory talk at 6, it'll be sem briefing for FBI.
Thats not all! I still ahve to go home to study for my BFA quiz the next day!
SUPER CUI!!! for a sick person =(

Despite that, the care and concerns of many perked me up! Made me feel less cui and made me found a reason and motivation not to be sick!

改变不能接受的,接受不能改变的 says:
take care gal
改变不能接受的,接受不能改变的 says:
rest more

#5 fy aKa Fei Zhu... SMILE... What lies behind us, and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us. says:
wa... u sick ar??
#5 fy aKa Fei Zhu... SMILE... What lies behind us, and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us. says:
must take care leh

.shar. you're on my heart just like a tattoo says:
aww u must not neglect ur health okayy!! important u noee
.shar. you're on my heart just like a tattoo says:
u sick alot ppl worry
.shar. you're on my heart just like a tattoo says:
hahahaha if not i personally take care of u!

Blast | 在水一方 | My sand in the hour glass is running out says:
Blast | 在水一方 | My sand in the hour glass is running out says:
u sick a h
Blast | 在水一方 | My sand in the hour glass is running out says:
take care ahhh
Blast | 在水一方 | My sand in the hour glass is running out says:
take good good care ahhh
Blast | 在水一方 | My sand in the hour glass is running out says:
cause open house coming need u hyper hyper
Blast | 在水一方 | My sand in the hour glass is running out says:
blow one big big balloon for one siao char bor

[kC] but be transformed by the renewing of your mind says:
are u feeling better?
[kC] but be transformed by the renewing of your mind says:

Denver-a fresh start for me,wad happened last year has passed =) says:
Denver-a fresh start for me,wad happened last year has passed =) says:
u ok?
Denver-a fresh start for me,wad happened last year has passed =) says:
ker lian sia u
Denver-a fresh start for me,wad happened last year has passed =) says:
go see doctor leh

It's only a heart beat away says:
are you feeling better ?
It's only a heart beat away says:
rest more

[Pending D80 DSLR] presentation!!! says:
[Pending D80 DSLR] presentation!!! says:
feeling beta??

brenson says:
baby. u okays ma?

~sAlOhCiN | NiChOlAs~ says:
~sAlOhCiN | NiChOlAs~ says:
take care!!!!!!!!!!!

NICC how cool it'll be if time would stop for me. says:
NICC how cool it'll be if time would stop for me. says:
take care yeah!!
NICC how cool it'll be if time would stop for me. says:
dun cui diao
NICC how cool it'll be if time would stop for me. says:
iit guides comin

sebast has been raped.... says:
oh man
sebast has been raped.... says:
are u alright?
sebast has been raped.... says:
no wonder today u so different
sebast has been raped.... says:
please take care
sebast has been raped.... says:
please get well soon
sebast has been raped.... says:
wanna see the hyper u!

Of course there's still many but my point is, motivations, care and concerns of your frens do make a difference!! It may just only be a simple 2 words "take care" but it means a lot to many! =D

Have you shown care/concern to anyone recently?

pieces of me @ 1:15 AM.
Wednesday, January 09, 2008

ahh! sorry i used this as a ranting place!!
but really leh! of all days to get sick!
just now almost vomitted also!
I rather vomit out! better than the thing stuck halfway in your throat and the uneasy feeling.

AHH! if not for CORE tml I wouldnt even come school today!

pieces of me @ 10:16 AM.

ahh! today I woke up super sick!!
omg!! really. its like stomache pain, fever, flu, running nose, super cold, throat pain. AIYA! everything lah!!

I swear if not isnt project time I'd already skipped school! T_T

pieces of me @ 9:55 AM.
Tuesday, January 08, 2008

THE WORLD IS SUPER SMALL! Not only about yesterday's incident! Today after school me and Xinni was at the western at bizpark where this 2 guys were talking about me! Say what "that girl! from IT went AC camp" blah blah! Then I turned and like look at them. Then I turn back they continue so in the end we exchanged a few words.

After that, when me and xinni went up, HE WAS TALKING TO MY FREN derek!! So qiao right! And it's like in the end we talked quite long le to each other. And after, we left. And they know my another fren, janice! Like omg! The world is this small!

Well anyway, just popped a panadol and ready for work. Side effects of the panadol is coming to me! So drowsy!! But no! Today must complete CMSK, APEL and CORE! No matter what!

Oh! And I think I'm super lucky to break the 3Ds of 5paper curse! Yes!!


pieces of me @ 7:23 PM.
Monday, January 07, 2008

HAHA! Today dam retarded! I saw CKM JY and Mayfen at 3 times in a row whereever we went! 1st was Design! Then I left for cybercenter and I saw them there!! Then it was at iit school and I saw them again! IN A ROW!

Anyway, I realised I have a lot of things to do lah!!
7Jan Mon- complete CMSK draft. 8Jan submission!!
8Jan Tues- complete CORE. If possible. complete APEL report
9Jan Wed- If CORE uncompleted, finish it! 10Jan submission!
10Jan Thurs- Study for BFA quiz 2. CORE presentation. Start of Open House. Compulsory talks on Interpersonal Relationship. Me siewlin 5mth LOL! [shiok sia. dam free this day =_=]
11Jan Fri- Open House only! YAY!
12Jan Sat- Open House! Jam and Hop! Dinner with Venos! Supper[?].
13Jan Sun- REST!! Cause next week have to chiong for OOPG submission!

So I've included yet another column at the sidebar called "Things to do" to remind me luh!!!!

I see how hard CKM works so I have to jia you also! =D Cant let myself repeat what happened last year yea? =D Anyway, Finally I got my 1st A in term test! No more 3Ds out of 5 papers already!!

I feel like this is departure!!T__T

pieces of me @ 10:31 PM.
Sunday, January 06, 2008

7th December 2007

See what happen when you lend Yeo Ming Shen your BFA notes! Vandalisms!! hahaha!! And omg why you link me with BOONSENG and Eugene! Tsk!!!

And I swear nowadays I'm having a BIG craving for eggs! Me and Christine, i think, would buy eggs to eat every friday after BFA le I think!!

And after that is chionging to study with Christine, Jasmine and Surin!! BUT!! Cui!! I din't study dao!! T.T

haha! After that was tragic stuffs lah! Pic #1, Ming use that phone and told meiwei "Eugene finding you!" Then she never look at the phone and talked to Eugene! Then got a shocked when she saw it LOL!

#2. Mei Wei and MingShen DS scandal? :D

After that I went to do my DBIS project at the lib and managed to hand in and go to clubroom to chat with FBIs and head for IITSC subcom meeting!

The picture here dam obscene right! Esp Surin in the #2pic. And you know what they were doing actually? Trying to plug a 2pin plug into a 3pin hole! LOL!

Marcus really is a PUSSY!! When announcing his event, he talks super fast! Den dont dare to face the subcoms LOL!

After subcom meeting, we surprised Serena with a birthday cake! YAY!

See all the subcommers chionging down to sign up for events!

And as usual, again, its our mass taupoks =D

Joined the lao jiaos for dinner that day. So good to have someone drive you there!

And drive you home all the way to your doorstep!! =D


pieces of me @ 11:21 PM.

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