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Thursday, September 15, 2005

lols. today was a sucky day.
after school, i went to Mr Lim's house for tuition.
yea. halfway, he played his guitar. LOL. waaa.. bad!
hmmm. yea. quite slack.

after that had another tuition.
but cox of this tuition i skipped training. whoo.
tuition was boring as usual.

boring day

pieces of me @ 10:45 PM.
Wednesday, September 14, 2005

lols. si butrent.. or how u spell his name..
i wanna go his class borrow chair to sit. den he blk my way
but pawat was nice! he lemme go.
den u all deesiao say wad crap. wa lau!! he is just being gentleman la!
grow up la. i dun like him he dun like me. he was just being nice!
grrr. wadeva.. anyway..

today i never hand in chi worksheet.
i passed my chinese! whoo!! 38/70! WHOO!
tho i passed by 3 marks im still happy kae. cause my cher say that paper hard
lalalaaa. i rock! haha.
den den. my geog workbook cannot be found. argh. wadeva la.
hmmm. 3/4 my class inside eng remedial sia.
den i not in. but me, wn, melvin en zhenlong went there be extra.
we went there and be supervisors for de class! whoo! haha. we're parttime teachers!

yea. quite a boring day today i shld say.
my maths test marks are screwed.
but my maths quiz was quite alright
jia got de same marks same question wrong as me
im suppecting she copied from me
cause i still rmb that time she was like
eh. jolene. i dunno i copy from u kae. den i was like huh?
den she sat behind a bit beside me that day
so im really suspecting she copied.
how can same question same marks so qiao de?
but hack la. zzzzzz.

i passed my chinese!

pieces of me @ 6:25 PM.
Tuesday, September 13, 2005

lols. omg. was doing my eng compo last night. i did till 12plus!
den i was so tired i slept there. hahahaaa.
woke up at 1.45++. den i checked msn to see if anyone was online.
none. O.o NONE?! hahaha. waaa. den nvm.
so i went to my compo en clicked de print thingy.
and guess wad? MY PRINTER NO INK! dam!
so i hafta recopy it on foolscape. and i dun even noe wad i was writing.

so ya. back to the airport thingy.
we sitted ard 6 times i think
[1]was to airpoart. den we studied.
[2]den went back to tanah. halfway we wanted to buy chocs
[3]went to airport again. buy chocs and ate there.
[4]back to tanah. den halfway realised that huiyi 4got her geo text book.
[5]pia back to airport. got the book. and we got to drink our $.40 drink. x)
[6]went back to tanah. woahhh. den realised we took train many many times.

45cents x 6 = $2.70

bahh! reach home at 8 plus. felt so screwed. so many things haven done yet. oh well.

we took de train 6 times!

pieces of me @ 2:54 AM.
Monday, September 12, 2005

hahaha. one thing i wud like to say 1st.
one more thing.

hahahaha. hmmm. i have so much happenings today.
i just wanna blog en blog!!
1stly. whoo! went to school and realised ms goh wasnt there
u noe wad it meant? 3hours of free period! whoot! yeaa.
so yea. went bio. omg. i was so tired i din heard anything so nvm
eng was even more boring. den omg. i was de only person in class
that din do compo and book review. zzzz wadeva la class. all guai kias.
mr yong having pms today. oh no. but who cares ya?

after school, i went to airport to study. it was really dumb.
i took de mrt so many times.
dun really have time to blog much but i will blog once i have time alright?
its really dumb. honestly. dun laugh ar!

hmmm. met wxyzbc at mrt. woahh. den i started throwing paperballs.
so fun! yea. oh well.

school reopen! yay!

pieces of me @ 8:20 PM.
Sunday, September 11, 2005

ahhh. my com is screwed.
my bro just went ns.
no one to help me fix.
and im missing him.

all is screwed when u left.

pieces of me @ 3:24 PM.
Saturday, September 10, 2005

hmmm. was suppose to go yinings hse at 9.
but i left at 9.30. wahahahaha. im pro x)
so i reached there de latest. by the time i got there. a lot of stuffs done le.
so paiseh. den after that we had lots of time
den we all talked abt horny stuffs man. EDDIE LA!
hahahaha. den so funny. so many ppl so horny..
wahahaha. okok. i shall not say anymore. for u all to find out.

yea. just found out that HER and HIM got back together!
whoo. u go girl. hahaha. aiyoo. den suddenly they talked abt kissing.
bleh.. den _ _ was talkin abt de moving staircase [i dunno how to spell]
say there better to kiss. wahaha. den say wad this wad that. aiyoo.
funny. horny talks. we are all horny ppl!

hmmm. den after that we served the net.
all kpos. lookin at ppl's fwenster acc and blog. haha.
but i admit. im a kpo too. thats y im so updated. x)

hmm. went back at 5+ den wanted to pon my grandma hse thing
so i told them i was too lazy en tired. oops.
talking to gerald now. crap la he.. haha. but im crappier.
screw my com anyway.. zz

we are all horny ppl

pieces of me @ 7:50 PM.
Friday, September 09, 2005

haha. just sent my bro off to ns.
and guess wad?


hahahaa. so good!! lols. dun be jealous guys.
haha. wanted to take his pix but he was wif his fam
dun wan disturb. see i was so good to him. haha
anyways. im missin my bro now. =((

i saw derrick x)

pieces of me @ 4:40 PM.
Thursday, September 08, 2005

lols. today jason called me. den i tot gerald pranked me sia =.=
he sounded so much gentle now. i feel happy for him
haha. he quit school sia. den get job still scold boss till tio sacked.
aiyoo. kor ar.. dun liddat laa. haha.
promised to call him back but never. oops?

lols. need to call 3ppl after my tuition.
but i reach home 10+ le. den i lazy talk summore
bro goin ns tml le. i hafta help him pack bag too ya?
he's goin to be enlisted in de same day as derrick
same time too. hopefully im lucky enuff to see him.
hmmm. sorry jason. never call u. sorry john too.
err. gerald ar. sorry cudnt be of much help ytd.
i was super busy. gonna miss my bro.

lols. fish dam crappy sia him. haha. he's super funny
ytd i sort he sort with me. when normally he will jus gimme =.= face
haha. so funny. and i got panlid! whooo!! im so lucky.

bro goin ns. i will miss you

pieces of me @ 11:46 PM.

happy bday thia.

wahahaha. ytd played with jon en dev till 3plus. haha.
we pqed. and i rock! hahahaha. [bhb]
anyways. went to chinese remedial today.
den halfway rained! arghh. ok nevermind.
den i entered the school and then going to de class
and i SAW bur on de way so i walk with him
den ar. halfway we walk seperate way. den infront is bball de ppl
den my coach de the rest was like. say yes or no.
i knew they were talkin abt that liao la.
den i was like. NO!! haha. den my coach was like
ur boyfriend ar? [OMG! NO!! he's _ _ _ _ de.. hahaha]
den i saw eyes staring but i shall not care..
den i rmb i say byebye den walk pass them.
den i rmb sum1 say. she veh fun to make fun de. hahaha. WA LAU!
take me for granted la! im nice say i fun to make fun. haha.

arghh. dam com. sort again. lalaass`
im gonna play maple again. hahaha. gonna be 2nd job liaos. whoot.

chinese remedial was boring

pieces of me @ 2:30 PM.
Wednesday, September 07, 2005

lols. met huiyi to go pasar malam
den ar. on de way there we took a lot of pics
den halfway the cam drop! omg!! got scratch summore.
oh gawdd. die! den she dam scared. i dam scared for her oso.
T_T oh dear. how sia..

anyways. wen we reached. de 1st thing we buy is water!
haha. hmmm. de pasar malam was ok la. a lot of things
but nothing for us to buy. den huiyi wanted to buy this head thingy
dat she en roxanne bought de other day. waaa! so funny!
but i dun wan wear sia.. wait everybody all lookin dam no face =x
bought taco pochi and went to sit down and eat.
arghh. i ordered octopus and they gave me bacon! arghh. nvm.

hmmm. den halfway saw ly en jaz en wadeva guy. [not interested]
lols. ok la. quite happy to see tHEm. if u get wad i mean.
ly... haha. he dam cute la. serious. i still rmb last year amazing race
den i met him there de. den 1st day can have a lot to talk abt.
lols. yea. den i rmb after de race, he waited for bus with me den go.

hmm. so ya. after we talk a while they went to eat and i went home.
walk halfway received a call from ly le. ^^ haha. tlefiyppahwoheonnuwu
den huiyi dam kachiao. when i talkin she keep taking pics of me.
haha. i noe u miss me la. wanna look at my pic. but i can post for u wan right?! =x
haha. kiddin. den we walked home. took like. 1hr20-40mins sia.
when all we needed was 30mins. hahahaha.

pasar malam. going again!

pieces of me @ 11:01 PM.

ahh. so boring.... holidays are boring shiet
holidays are just an excuse for teachers to give us extra homework
and we cant meet our fwens unless we go out.
arhghh. im so bored. maple's down. bnet's down. everything's down
lol. so many ppl ask me out today but lazy..
oh ya! im goin to de pasar malam later. hahaha.
gonna buy eat buy eat till i get fat.. woahhh...


pieces of me @ 2:28 PM.

haha. ok. i dun hate you anymore devin.
cleared misunderstanding. just play dota more kae

pieces of me @ 9:48 AM.
Tuesday, September 06, 2005

went for training today. so tiring. haha
played match with de boys. and ya. we got quite well
but eventually, they won.
i tell u de girls team is really pathetic.
its like only 4 ppl went for training today.
guess i wun be goin for thurs thingy
oh ya. joshua, sorry cant go for ur bday thingy this thurs.
even tho u treating me xD
er ya...

jia en huiyi came my house to "study"
we got study kae. but we watched superstar and all that stuffs
so in de end we study a bit nia.
lala. but still got study kae. hee

they went home after that and i went maple.
i dunno feel so fucked up now.
ask to play dota oso so hard izzit?
just one match also hard. zz. fine la. dun play la.
fuck u all la. so i stopped playin maple cox luqman can create
den halfway gavin gtg. fuck la. play wad shiet.
so i quit maple giving my dam buay song comment.
and den dev come msn still dare to ask. no maple?
no MAPLE? i tot I SHLD be asking. no DOTA?!
wtf la. fuck off. wads wrong with u ppl. maple freak.
get lost la. dun talk to me. i am not associated to maple freak
who wud prefer to play maple den dota. like wtf?
and now everybody daos me. i hate you. i hate brts.
so much for askin me to join brts when it sucks.
so wad if you are all pros but ur attitude sucks like hell
fuck you.

everything changed after u played maple.

pieces of me @ 8:16 PM.
Monday, September 05, 2005

lol. i saw this mad man in de train
he talk like shiet la. wad crap
so noisy. den we replied back to him sia. haah. funny shiet
u shld have been there. den after that ar.
cox we keep talking back to the siao man ma.
everybody was lookin at us
and there's this indian man. [looks like sobana cheong.omg]
he kept lookin at huijia and smiling sia.
hahahaa. looks dam perverted.
but i noe he's smiling cause de way we kept talkin back to de man is like woahh.

yea. got back home and played maple
dam u la devin. i dun care if ur fwens or YOU reading this blog
so wad if i sounded like someone u hate.
LIKE someone u hate. BUT IM NOT RIGHT?!
den u hafta scold me summore. i hate you la. fuck you. go away
now my mood is spoilt. happy? dam you. i shuddap la.
den after everything u say sorry?
so if i kill u i say sorry oso can la?

fuck you

pieces of me @ 8:06 PM.

the holidays are here! SO BORING!!
arghh. oh well. at least my holidays are packed full of events
cant wait to go KL with my class tho. lalaa
going to eat sakae sushi with my pals later at suntec
yippee! dam. i'll grow fat man. hahaha
a lot of ppl pronounce sakae as sa-kay
but its actually sa-ka-eh
lol. LOSERS! haahahaha. kidding.

sakae sushi

pieces of me @ 11:45 AM.
Sunday, September 04, 2005

went to church.
haha. so funny. den its like. de celebration for teachers day.
yea. and it was fun la. de food was... err. not appetising.

went to tuition after that. so boring.
i did a super easy question which my tuition teacher doesnt noe how to do
haHaHA! i can be a tuition teacher ! YAY !

wanted to go lam's thingy.
but after that i was lazy to go. haha. oops?
aiya. dun feel like goin anyway

boring sunday

pieces of me @ 11:25 PM.
Saturday, September 03, 2005

everything is so fucked up
im sick of this life
i jus wanna scream

arghhh. nvm. nuff said of that.
thinking of that make me pissed.
went to suntec today and ate at swiss culture
dam. de food was nice.
ordered de cheese fondue and shared it with me kor.
waaa. so full sia. den we ordered choc fondue too.
tho de food quite ex. but it was nicee. yay.

oh ya. sorry. i din wanna go to ur concert.
sweet of u to wan to walk me home.
even tho ur hse is at newton there. and mine at bedok.
but the place is really far. dover road T_T
and the concert ends really late. sorry

aiya. my fucked up com is so fucking spoiled.
zzz. trying to keep my blog short and sweet.
cox it might suddenly spoile. zz

nice food. nice person.... bad com

pieces of me @ 8:18 PM.
Friday, September 02, 2005

hais. so sad. but wad to do..

so anyway. school was normal today
had maths test. freaking hard. arghh
den had pe. played badminton.
si jia.. make me run run run.. arghh.
physics was dam slack. as usual
chinese was like stress?
den chinese remedial was fun. haha.

after school i went to find sherly and i saw him
now a bit regret. y din accept. but.. hais..
im living in the present goin on to the future now.
wished he talk to me. tho we made eye contact..
aiya.. single rocks la. x)

went bv idol [chinese ver]
minghua rocks la him. dolly oso
wahah.den today berturen [or how u spell it]
shouted: MAN HONG! I LOVE YOU!
hahahaha. den after that he was being dee siaoed back.
aww. but man hong's mine. so sad. =x
hahahahahaa. dun be jealous..

freak de com la.
dun lemme play maple
hais. today no mood.
cox see him for 2 consecutive days veh hard.
regret but wad to do..

dun live to regret

pieces of me @ 10:05 PM.
Thursday, September 01, 2005

today went to school for bball meeting. zzz
i dun go or go makes no diff cox i cant make it for tml's event
anyway. after that. WE WENT TO MEET MS PEH!

haha. i hope she miss us man.
i really miss her like mad went to popeye to eat.
really full. she sugested that place LOL
hmmm. den got a lot a lot ppl go i will try to name them ok?
ME! huijia, weining, yining, xinyi, alicia, weizhen, violet, yesslin, sherly, sheila
suhaila, mei yun, darren, zhenlong, jasmine, meezhen, ameer, nash, shah, elroy, and.. i 4got.
hahaah. a lot right? thankew.
so sad. our jelly failed. but oh wells. good try.
we gave ms peh a big big bear, meaning we cant bear to leave her!!
and a class tee which is worn on de bear,
her name with jewel a foto colliage and our dedications.
can tell she was really touched.

after that went home and me, jia, ning2, xinyi sent ms peh home
den we chatted outside her house for half an hour man.
after that went to jia's mummy shop there buy bubble tea and we say our xin shi.
yea. and helped weining find de bobdog sweet yep yepp.
took a lot of pictures on that day.

pictures coming up soon.
ill upload them asap.
after they sent it to me

i love you miss peh

pieces of me @ 6:16 PM.

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